Cool Cannabis Fashion For 2018

Cannabis fashion often brings to mind beanies and various tie-dyed items. But the times, they are a-changing!

While there are still plenty of stoner clothes on the market, cannabis fashion has expanded beyond its hippie chic roots. And that’s a good thing!

Cannabis clothing and accessories are now available in way more styles, price points and retailers. Get ready to adorn yourself with fashionable cannabis couture.

Cannabis Fashion Statements

Designers have been inspired by cannabis for years, from small, indie labels to major fashion labels. Mara Hoffman had models wear garments with cannabis leaves down the runway for New York Fashion Week in Spring 2015.

Then in Fall 2016, designer Alexander Wang used marijuana leaves in his line. These designs even got some pop culture recognition when actress Margot Robbie wore one of the dresses while she hosted Saturday Night Live.

As marijuana has become more widely accepted across the country, it’s also making a larger splash in the fashion industry. In the past, major retailers were reluctant to stock cannabis fashion for fear of alienating a majority of their customers.

But with the change in Americans’ attitudes toward marijuana, retailers have loosened up a bit. Wang’s line was carried in major stores like Barneys New York and Nordstrom. And it looks like this trend is just getting started!

Cannabis Accessories Are A Must-Buy

Marijuana is a common inspiration for accessories designers. But thanks to the growing music festival scene, cannabis fashion has reached the next level.

Many concert-goers at Coachella wore floral crowns with marijuana flowers that people could actually smoke. Other cannabis accessories serve different practical purposes like bags that hide your stash or necklaces that grind weed.

Jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche has used cannabis as a recurring theme in her work. Not only do customers love it, but her pieces have even been worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

Look Out for Haute Hemp Clothes

Accessories aren’t the only cannabis-based fashion items that have become classier and couture. Hemp fabric is also more likely to be seen on runways and red carpets these days.

And thanks to a luxurious upgrade, hemp has been taken to the next level. Hemp has been combined with materials like silk and organza to create a beautiful blend that is used to make everything from every day high fashion to ball gowns and wedding dresses.

It’s Official, Cannabis is Stylish

You know you’ve made it when there’s an event in your honor during New York Fashion Week. And in Chelsea during NYFW in Fall 2017, style icons gathered to buy art and accessories inspired by marijuana.

The culture of cannabis has gone beyond bell bottoms and jam bands. Publications and media ventures now include marijuana as a way to approach travel, food and other cultural activities, including style.

As the marijuana industry continues to expand, so will its cultural impact. It’s no wonder the most stylish people have gotten in ahead of the growing cannabis fashion trend.

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