South Florida Company Provides Safe, Proven CBD Products

Considering the fact that Green Roads entered the CBD industry before many of the protections available today existed, the company deserves its reputation as a trustworthy creator of hemp-derived CBD products.

The Florida-based Green Roads prides itself on setting the standard early for testing and transparency when it comes to CBD products. They continue that practice to the present day, offering products that have a well-deserved reputation for effectiveness and safety.

For the CBD curious, Green Roads is a company worthy of their attention. They make many products that can serve as an entry point for people who want to enjoy the health benefits of CBD.

Founded on Friendship

Green Roads is one of the rare CBD industry companies co-founded by a medical professional. But Laura Fuentes initially began research into CBD at the request of a friend.

Fuentes had spent more than two decades working as a licensed compound pharmacist in Florida when a family friend, Arby Barroso, asked her about the potential of using CBD to treat his health issues. Fuentes, wanting to help, started to spend her weekends and nights after work formulating new CBD products.

Seeing how they helped Barroso’s health, the pair decided to move into the CBD business. Fuentes left her position as a pharmacist and the two launched Green Roads. Initially, most clients came from friends and family. Now, consumers can conveniently buy Green Roads products online with free shipping for orders over $49.99.

The company recently was purchased by The Valens Company, which began trading on NASDAQ in December 2021.

The Popularity of CBD

In the years since the U.S. Congress made hemp legal as part of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products have rapidly grown in popularity. Some people claim that using CBD helps them manage pain, stress, anxiety and may also help them sleep better; however, everyone is different and your experience with CBD may defer.

Recent research into CBD indicates it also has neuroprotective qualities and may also help with weight loss. Others have found CBD improves their sex life and also supports deep relaxation.

What Does Green Roads Offer?

Green Roads, which helped pioneer the CBD business, has benefited from the knowledge gained through experience. Over the years, the company has expanded its line of products to include gummies, topicals, oils, pet products, capsules, softgels, and more. They even offer CBD coffee and CBD products for pets.

Some of the most popular products include:

Extra Strength Relax Bears

These bear-shaped gummies from Green Roads offer 25 mg of CBD per gummy. They come in a 30-count jar and are made with isolate 0% THC. They rank among the top selling products Green Roads offers. They come in Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Cherry, Green Apple and Orange flavors.

Full-Spectrum Oil

The strongest and best-selling full spectrum oil from Green Roads is the 1500mg Full Spectrum Oil. Green Roads makes its oils with six ingredients rather than the typical two to improve absorption into the body. This consumer favorite also comes in 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg doses.

Sleepy Zs

Research increasingly shows the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and the impact of not sleeping on a person’s overall health. Green Roads Sleepy Zs is formulated to aid with getting a good night of sleep. Users typically take them as part of their evening, pre-sleep routine. Sleepy Zs come in a 30-count to the bottle, one for each day of the month! They contain 5mg melatonin and 25mg of CBD. They’re also gluten-free and vegan.

The Green Roads CBD coffee contains CBDA and CBGA compounds. Consumers can check the lab sheets offered online to see exactly how much of these compounds are in each batch.

What Makes Green Roads Different?

The experience of the people who work at Green Roads is one of the aspects that makes its products appealing. Following the example set by Fuentes at the beginning, the company continues to have a team of pharmacists who oversee the creation of products. That’s why the company’s products get a “Pharmacist Formulated” stamp.

Because of this, Green Roads also has a well-earned reputation for safe and effective products, as well as transparency in how the company operates. Everything is done in the United States, led from the company’s headquarters in South Florida.

The company also is known for consumer advocacy and stronger regulations in the CBD industry that promote safe products. Green Roads also offers a 50 percent discount for first responders, a 25 percent discount for teachers, and a 50 percent discount for current military servicemembers and veterans.

All these factors make Green Roads a company worth looking into for cannabis consumers. As the CBD market has grown, Green Roads clearly has grown with it, but not lost its original mission and commitment to creating pharmacist-formulated, tested and safe products.

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