Company Specializes in Pharmacist-Formulated Delta-8 Products

The explosion in popularity of Delta-8 products has led cannabis businesses to develop products that attempt to meet the growing consumer demand. A few companies have emerged as leaders in this area of the cannabis industry, including a Florida company known for creating products formulated by pharmacists.

The company, Cannabis Life, features a lineup of Delta-8 products that include gummies, oils and softgels. The company makes all its products with hemp farmed in the United States and tests each batch individually for quality.

That provides a degree of trust for consumers in a market that already has so many new Delta-8 products it’s difficult to keep up with them.

What Is Delta-8?

Cannabis with Delta-8 THC (called Diet Weed by some) is known to give many of the health benefits of cannabis without the intense high (if any at all). The product has quickly gained in popularity. Part of the attraction is also Delta-8’s reputation for not having the same side effects (such as paranoia) that happen with some people who use “regular” marijuana, which contains Delta-9 THC.

The National Cancer Institute has reported that Delta-8 has useful properties, including stimulating appetite and working as a neuroprotective substance. For most people, Delta-8 offers a way to get the benefits of cannabis, such as lessening stress and anxiety, without experiencing an intense high. It’s considered a more gentle, relaxing way to enjoy cannabis.

Putting Trust Into Delta-8 Products

From the outset, Cannabis Life wanted to bring a “new level of trust and caring to the world of Delta-8 THC,” according to the company’s website. They note that because Delta-8 is not highly regulated, some products enter the market without the promised level of THC. They may also contain unhealthy contaminants.

Cannabis Life only offers products formulated by pharmacists, who also oversee every step of the manufacturing process. Cannabis Life also works with an external testing lab that ensures every batch of Delta-8 THC products meets high standards for quality. Most products come from U.S. hemp farms and are gluten-free and vegan.

These steps set the company apart and quickly made Cannabis Life products popular on dispensary shelves.

What Does Cannabis Life Offer?

Cannabis Life offers an extensive lineup of products. All focus on the company’s message to customers that calls the cannabis life “your life…just a little less stressful and a little more interesting, with a few more laughs and actual moments of peace.”

The products include:

  • Delta-8 gummies with 750mg (25 mg per serving). The 30-count jars come in Berry Blast, Mango Twist, Pink Paradise and assorted flavors. More flavors are on the horizon.
  • Delta-8 + CBD Oils with 1000mg of total cannabinoids. Each serving contains 33 mg of cannabinoids, with half Delta-8 and half broad spectrum CBD. A terpene blend delivers a sweet berry flavor.
  • Delta-8 softgels contain 10 mg of Delta-8 THC and come in 30-count jars, offering one of the easiest ways to take Delta-8.
  • Delta-8 vape cartridges with 500mg of Delta-8 THC and 150mg of CBD.

For those new to cannabis in general and Delta-8 in particular, Cannabis Life vows to offer “products that are real”, “labels that don’t lie” and a “flavor that tastes great.” They also offer plenty of information on their site about when to and when not to use Delta-8 THC.

For newcomers and even cannabis veterans, this approach seems refreshing. Cannabis Life offers products and a business model that many hope the industry will follow as marijuana use becomes more widespread.

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