Open Your Mind to Change

This week we’re talking change and being open to it.

For decades marijuana has remained, at a federal level, on Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act.

It hasn’t been easy for marijuana legalization advocates to recast cannabis as a good guy.  For decades, many of us have been taught that marijuana is a gateway drug. Through government programs, marijuana has been depicted as a substance that makes you lazy. They also try to show that it makes you prone to trying more dangerous drugs, like meth or heroin.

Remember, Schedule 1 means there is “no currently accepted medical use.”  Drugs like heroine and meth are are also listed as Schedule 1.

Open to change

Change: It Starts With You

This week, we’re challenging our own team, and those new to this space, to try and remain open.  To learn about marijuana and be able to process the debate around uses and potential benefits.  We must collectively be open to change.  We don’t really have a choice, do we?

We’re unwavering in our value systems. But we must continue challenging ourselves and one another to be receptive  to the benefits of marijuana. This includes support of continued research and advocacy around, in particular, its medicinal use.  This week, we’re challenging you – and others – to do the same.

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