California Company Launches Same-Day Marijuana Delivery Service

After years of talking about it, the day has finally arrived. Californians are about to get the opportunity to order cannabis products and have them delivered to their home. However, there are a few catches.

The delivery service from MedMen launched in August. The company plans to offer same-day delivery for orders made through its website. MedMen has the resources to deliver across the state, with 17 locations, including Beverly Hills and downtown Los Angeles. They expect delivery could become a big part of a projected $11 billion cannabis industry in California.

MedMen co-founder and CEO Adam Bierman said in a press release that the company is “proud to be taking the next step in our evolution by now offering delivery service in California.”

The delivery service is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Delivery Growing Around the Country

In addition to the plans announced by MedMen, companies in Michigan also have been licensed to deliver medical marijuana to patients who otherwise might not be able to get their cannabis prescription.

The Michigan program was announced earlier in 2019. So far, companies in Detroit and Kalamazoo County have been licensed to make deliveries.

In California, laws changed in 2018 that required a business to first get licensed as a dispensary before being allowed to make deliveries. Also, cities and counties in California retained the right to ban delivery services.

That changed in 2019, when new laws allow delivery statewide, no matter what the local law might say, according to Rolling Stone. That makes California the first and, so far, only state to legalize cannabis home delivery across an entire state.

Among the rules and regulations governing delivery are prohibitions against drivers carrying more than $5,000 in cash and having any type of sign on the vehicle indicating that it is delivering marijuana. That is meant to cut down on the chance of theft.

Delivery Plans

MedMen reported in 2018 that it had 94,000 new customers in just one financial quarter and 130,000 returning customers. Those numbers are only expected to grow, especially with delivery helping drive that growth.

The company offered delivery free for a limited time. They also launched a loyalty program that offers customers exclusive deals and discount prices. In other words, marijuana has become as mainstream as ordering a pizza or items from Amazon.

The company is launching the loyalty program in Arizona and Florida, which have legalized medical marijuana, as well as California.

California has been a leader in the area of home delivery. Plans to allow deliveries in Colorado hit a snag when they were opposed by Gov. John Hickenlooper (a former presidential candidate). He voiced concerned about it being a “hazard” for drivers to drop off marijuana at homes.

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