Halloween Edible Ideas For Your Party

No disrespect to tricks, but Halloween parties are all about the treats! When you throw an adults-only party, you can make sure your guests have a blast by including some Halloween edibles on the menu.

Whether you want to whip up some spooky recipes or simply buy some cannabis candy, these edible ideas will ensure you and your guests have a ghoulishly good time!

Halloween Edible Recipes

If you want to cook for your guests, cannabis oils, butter and tinctures can be used in your favorite recipes to create Halloween edibles. Plus, it’s easy to give them a Halloween twist with some spooky plating.

Deviled eggs are a party favorite that are perfect for Halloween. Use cannabis oil to make it an edible, then give it a creepy vibe with some olive slices to make them look like eyeballs. You can even use red food coloring to make the “eyes” look bloodshot!

Rice Krispy treats are another recipe that is easy to adapt into an edible. Simply use cannabutter in the recipe and you’re set! You can use frosting, chocolate and candy to decorate the treats into mummies, Frankenstein’s monsters or witches.

If you want to include a cocktail at your party that has cannabis instead of alcohol, a Bloody Mary is the perfect choice. Use spicy seasoning on the rim and your favorite cannabis tincture in the recipe to give the drink a kick.

Ready to Purchase Halloween Edibles

If you’d rather buy your treats than make them, there are still plenty of options to give your guests a cannabis-laden treat. Think of your favorite Halloween candies from childhood and get some edible versions for your party.

Peanut butter cups are always popular on Halloween, and there are plenty of edible options to choose from. Emerald Sky Peanut Butter Cups are a tasty choice that offers indica or sativa varieties, so you can pick your preference.

Sour gummies are also a fun throwback to the Sour Patch Kids that used to fill up trick or treat buckets. You can pick up some vegan-friendly Sour Tangie Gummies or the colorful Flav Rainbow Sour Gummy Belts. If you prefer sweet gummies to sour ones, Space Gem Gummies would make a delightful party treat.

If you want to serve some edibles without THC, there are also plenty of CBD chocolate options to satisfy your sweet tooth in a chill way. Sugar & Kush offers CBD chocolate in milk, dark and cookies and cream varieties. Vital Leaf offers other delicious flavors of CBD chocolate like Vanilla Bean Crunch and Hazelnut & Sea Salt.

Keep Your Halloween Party Safe

To make sure your Halloween party is perfect, safety should come first. Make sure all of your guests are adults over 21 years old and that all guests know which food or drink items contain edibles so they can decide whether or not they want to partake.

Before and after the party, store your Halloween edibles somewhere safe where children cannot access them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, during Halloween season and all year long.

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