Marijuana Gear Becoming Hot Lifestyle and Fashion Trend

The legal cannabis industry is creating jobs, setting record profits and pouring money into government tax coffers. Now, it’s starting to impact the fashion industry.

Get ready for canna-style.

It’s already blossoming in New York City. At Manhattan’s Chelsea Market, a new store is taking marijuana culture decidedly upscale. At Higher Standards, shoppers can find vaporizers shaped like skateboards, high-end infusers for creating cannabis edibles and even glass containers for matches.

The store set a record in sales on Black Friday – and then topped those numbers on Dec. 8, according to Bloomberg.

Marijuana Gear & Fashion

Miami-based Higher Standards is far from the only retailer offering the latest in marijuana gear and fashion products. Retailers across the country are stepping into the cannabis lifestyle space, offering everything from purses for women who want to discreetly carry cannabis to technically advanced and elegant vaporizers.

What can you get? Just a casual look through the marketplace shows that marijuana accessories have expanded to offer products in a wide variety of areas. They include:

  • Sleek and safe boxes for securing your stash of marijuana – whether at home or on the go
  • Wallets made from premium Italian leather that also serves as a case for all your joint rolling materials.
  • Cannabis-themed designs for clothes
  • Vaporizers in all sizes with multiple design choices that best suit your tastes
  • Assorted bongs, rolling papers, and other marijuana-related items
  • Pre-rolled joints in assorted designs and sizes

That’s just a sample. Marijuana has come a long, long way from the cliched image of a group of college students sitting on the coach, using a crushed soda can for a bong. The industry is now beginning to offer products for all income levels – including higher-end products for more upscale consumers.

Cutting-Edge of Retail Trends

In New York, Higher Standards co-founder Sasha Kadey said the company is aware of the irony that sales in New York City are good, even though neither the state nor the city has approved recreational marijuana sales.

Kadey told Bloomberg: “There’s still a wink and nod in New York. There’s advantages in a business like ours, which doesn’t touch the plant.”

Federal law still lists marijuana as a Schedule I illegal drug, right up there with cocaine and heroin. However, 10 states have legalized adult-use marijuana, 31 have legalized medical marijuana. North of the border, the entire country of Canada has made marijuana legal.

Even with the tangle of laws, New York has remained on the cutting edge of marijuana gear & fashion, Kadey said, which is why Higher Standards wanted a store there. In 2019, the company plans to open five more stores, including one in Atlanta that should be doing business before the Super Bowl on Feb. 3

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