Top 3 Secret Nature Strains

Secret Nature is the world’s most popular hemp flower brand. As CBD-rich Cannabis sativa flower has exploded in popularity, Secret Nature has differentiated itself by focusing on quality more than any other attribute. While other CBD flower brands are in the game to make a quick buck, Secret Nature clearly wants to leave its mark on the industry by producing beautiful, artisan-quality buds that every hemp user can savor and enjoy.

The Secret Nature process begins with cultivating hemp strains with impeccable genetics using organic methods in an indoor setting. Growing cannabis indoors results in higher potency, and Secret Nature’s sealed and climate-controlled environments eliminate any possibility of contamination with agrochemicals or other common cannabis contaminants.

From there, Secret Nature harvests its buds at their peak and uses state-of-the-art drying, curing, and trimming methods to produce the most beautiful, high-potency nugs on the market. Customers around the country have noticed the Secret Nature difference, and the following three products are among this artisan hemp brand’s most popular offerings:

Sour Gummi

At the time of this writing, Secret Nature Sour Gummi has amassed more than 100 five-star reviews. Customers who have tried this strain say that it is a “smooth and great tasting smoke,” that it has an “awesome taste and feel,” and that the taste of Sour Gummi is “superior to most CBD buds.” With dense layers of glistening trichomes and abundant orange hairs, the buds this amazing strain produces are a sight to behold, but the benefits of Secret Nature Sour Gummi are more than skin-deep.

As a hybrid strain, Sour Gummi provides balanced effects that won’t hype you up or make you feel overly sleepy. The moment that you break open a nug of Sour Gummi, your nostrils are met with a powerful candy aroma, and these delicious scents directly translate into the smooth, rich flavors that this third-party lab-tested Secret Nature strain provides.

Frosted Kush

Secret Nature has offered Frosted Kush longer than practically any other strain, and the pre-roll 2-pack of this cultivar has amassed more than 230 five-star reviews. As an affordable way to try Frosted Kush, this pack of two expertly rolled hemp joints comes in an airtight tube, and each pre-roll only contains ground-up, manicured CBD flower—no trim or shake.

Frosted Kush has potent indica effects, and the teal-colored buds that this cultivar produces are absolutely inundated with gleaming trichome crystals. This strain is perfect for winding down after a long day or getting ready for sleep.

Forbidden Fruit

In addition to high-end CBD nugs and pre-rolls, Secret Nature also offers ultra-popular live resin vape cartridges. Live resin is the highest-quality form of CBD extract available, and with more than 130 reviews, Forbidden Fruit is one of Secret Nature’s most popular CBD vape cartridges.

This indica cartridge is boosted with natural cannabis terpenes that enhance its cherry and tangerine flavor profile. Since this vape cartridge contains true full-spectrum hemp extract, it offers the entourage effect to the greatest extent possible, which scientists believe may increase the benefits that CBD provides.

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