Tommy Chong and Bill Nye See Eye-To-Eye On Marijuana

It’s been a strange November already for marijuana advocates like Tommy Chong & Bill Nye. The month started with Maine Gov. Paul LePage vetoing a bill that would have created a legal recreational marijuana system in the state. He made this decision despite the fact voters approved legal adult-use marijuana (although by a close margin) in November 2016.

One of his reasons for the veto: He consulted with U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions, a strong opponent of legalizing marijuana.

Bill Nye & Tommy Chong Weigh In

On the other side of the debate, famed comedian and marijuana advocate Tommy Chong publicly said he has no fear of Sessions in an interview with a newspaper in (of all places) Mississippi. And Bill Nye, the science guy revered by nerds everywhere, came out in favor of legalization.

Chong’s Take

Chong is one half of the Cheech and Chong comedy duo. He and partner Cheech Marin made marijuana a part of almost every movie they ever made. Practically every scene, actually. See “Up In Smoke” for the most famous examples.

Chong talked to the Biloxi Sun Herald in advance of a Cheech and Chong show at a casino there this month. He said that neither President Donald Trump nor Sessions can stop the wave of marijuana legalization sweeping the country.

“The genie is out of the bottle,” Chong said. ”They found out that all of that propaganda against marijuana is a lie — everything that Trump has done is a lie, so it’s just a matter of time before the lie eats itself, especially when you lie like that.”

Chong runs Chong’s Choices, which sells marijuana products in a number of states.

Chong said part of the attraction to legalized marijuana for politicians is the massive amount of money states are already bringing in, including Colorado.

“Look at the money they’re making in Colorado,” Chong told the newspaper. “Places like Texas and Maine would love to have that kind of income coming in and eventually they will.”

Bill Nye The Science Guy Explains

Tommy Chong speaking publicly about marijuana legalization is one thing. But how about Bill Nye? The former TV host came out in favor of marijuana legalization in an interview for the video show “Now This Weed,” according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Nye explained that he does not use marijuana himself (he doesn’t like the smoke). But he said that it’s impossible for scientists to truly study cannabis and learn its potential health benefits because the federal government keeps it as a Schedule I illegal drug.

Like Chong, he also noted the money that marijuana can bring to a state. He said as a resident of Washington, he has seen firsthand how marijuana tax dollars can improve the economy and quality of life.

“We legalized marijuana, we tax it,” Nye said. “We have a lot of tax revenue. It’s no longer criminalized. We don’t spend money on the police department. We spend money regulating the industry in the same way we regulate other substances.”

What’s next, Olivia Newton-John and Joe Montana coming out in favor of legalized pot? Oh, wait. Both of those already happened.

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