Tulsa Nail Salon Allows Customers to Use Medical Marijuana

A Tulsa nail salon has hit upon a new way to offer customers a unique experience. From now on, they can enjoy medical marijuana however they like it while getting their nails get done.

That’s the plan from Elizabeth Brown, owner of the Hybrid Nail Salon in east Tulsa. She told Fox News in Tulsa that she is adding cannabis to a list of perks offered to clients that already includes access to Netflix and a pool table.

“They can bring their own vapes, a bong, a hookah, bowls, any edibles…all is welcome here,” Brown said. While the coronavirus pandemic may have temporarily derailed adult-use legalization efforts in Oklahoma and other states, it hasn’t stopped Brown from success in her Tulsa nail salon. Marijuana is part of the reason why.

Salon Opened In the Middle of Pandemic

The Tulsa nail salon’s backing of cannabis also features in the salon’s décor, which you can plainly see on the salon’s Facebook page. The salon also had this message for customers: “We are here to help you relax, feel welcome as well as be pampered. Stay high my friends!”

That’s been the attitude since Hybrid Nail Salon opened in May as the country was still reeling from the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. She’s been cannabis friendly from the start.

Brown told Fox that her stance on cannabis has gotten her attention from people across the country on social media, including 100,000 followers on Tik Tok. “I had a feeling it would spark a lot of interest because marijuana is so big in the world right now,” she said.

Staying open hasn’t been easy. Brown said she sold her car and used all the money from her stimulus check in 2020 to keep the salon open. The Facebook page notes that, “We came from a stimulus check and we are still going 6 months strong.”

A Unique Place to Use Medical Marijuana

Brown said the whole idea for the salon was to have a relaxed vibe where people didn’t feel rushed. “I’m still going and still fighting because I feel like there needs to be other businesses like this, and the longer I can stay open the more other people can feel like they can do it, too.”

Customers must have a medical marijuana card and proof of age to use cannabis products.

By making Hybrid Nail Salon a unique place to enjoy medical marijuana, Brown joins a list of businesses around the country that are allowing marijuana use. That’s a big deal for cannabis users who want (or need) to use their medical marijuana outside of their home. Not many other spaces are available.

In early 2020, the Original Cannabis Café opened in Los Angeles, making it the first cannabis restaurant in the country. However, it has been closed since the pandemic started. The city of Denver has also granted a license to a cannabis café, but that’s so far been a rarity, even where adult-use marijuana is legal.

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