Using Weed For Skin Care: Naughty or Nice?

Marijuana enthusiasts have long credited cannabis for helping with a number of things. From easing pain to helping people who suffer through seizures. But a growing trend has taken marijuana into the beauty industry for use in skin care.

Though hemp beauty products are not necessarily new, the changing landscape of marijuana legislation has helped improve the number of hemp products on the market. And since marijuana has become more socially acceptable, it seems that consumers are more likely to give marijuana-based products a try.

States with legal marijuana can fully embrace cannabis for skincare, with weed spas and other unique offerings. But are marijuana skincare products legal in states where marijuana is not?

It depends.

THC Levels Determine Legality of Cannabis for Skin Care

Products that come from the stems and stalks of the hemp plant and have THC levels of 0.3% or lower can be sold across the U.S., even in states where marijuana is not legal.

For people looking to add cannabis skincare products into their daily routines, there is often a mix between feeling naughty and nice.

What makes weed so nice for skincare is the positive effects the products can have, from anti-aging properties to reducing inflammation. These products are full of health boosting antioxidants and omega-3s, which help keep skin healthy and could fight against wrinkles.

When a beauty editor from Refinery29 tried marijuana-based skincare products for a month, she found that they held up as well as the everyday products she uses to keep her skin looking beautiful. She tried marijuana face and body oil and facial and body cleanser.

She also noted that she felt a little naughty using the products for the first time, giggling at the idea even though the products are completely legal and do not create the “high” feeling.

The naughty feeling continued when the editor and her boyfriend tried a marijuana pain relief spray. They both felt relaxed after using the product.

“Nothing’s as potent as a good ol’ toke of herb,” the editor wrote in her review. “Or so we hear.”

Ready to Give it a Try?

For users who live in a state with legal marijuana, there are even more options for cannabis skincare products and spa services. And with more states considering legal medical and recreational marijuana, there are sure to be new cannabis skincare products on the market in years to come.

As marijuana becomes a larger part of the beauty scene, look for services to makes their way into spas across America. Even if the idea seems a bit naughty, a marijuana-infused massage from a spa is sure to leave visitors feeling oh so nice.

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