Weed Weddings Are A Trend That Keeps Getting More Popular

With marijuana legalization spreading into more states, people want to celebrate it – and that includes combining it with their own wedding. It’s made weed weddings a growing trend in the cannabis industry.

It’s happening in California, of course, because that’s where so many trends start in the United States. But it’s also happening in Canada, where Canadians have now had legal adult-use marijuana across the nation since October 2018. More people than ever are taking advantage of legal weed and using it at their weddings.

In some cases, it’s about the wedding guests. Couples want people to feel as comfortable using weed as they do alcohol. Leslie Andrachuk, CEO of Alpha Woman, told Global News that “It’s a really great idea to offer individuals who want to consume cannabis a segregated, safe, beautiful place.”

Alpha Women supports leadership roles for women in the cannabis industry.

California Starts the Trend

Not surprisingly, California started the weed wedding trend during the first year of legal recreational marijuana sales in the state in 2018.

For example, a California couple recently celebrated their nuptials by hitting on glass water pipes, one for “Mr.” and one for “Mrs.” The couple, who married in Santa Cruz, run a vlog and several social media accounts dedicated to cannabis, according to a Fox news report.

The couple’s photos have gone up on their social media pages. The photographer from the wedding said the photoshoot was “not a conventional wedding photo at all,” which she found appealing. “Every wedding I’ve done is the most normal thing ever, so this is quite the experience to be photographing people literally smoking a blunt at their wedding,” the photographer, Rachel Artime, told Fox.

Canada Getting Into Weed Weddings

With legalization now nationwide in Canada, the popularity of weed weddings is on the rise. It led recently to a weed wedding expo in Calgary. It’s believed to be the first such expo ever held in Canada.

Many of the more subtle marijuana-themed items got attention at the expo. They included bath bombs, chocolates, and other edibles. CBD drips for drinks and cannabis cigars also were among the choices at the expo.

“Everybody’s got that one drunk uncle,” one expo attendee told Global News. “So, why can’t you have that one stoned aunt?”

Florida Man Now Florida Cannabis Minister

Weed weddings also have spread to places where they may not be strictly legal, like Florida. In the Sunshine State, semi-retired New York City tour guide Rev. Bruce Scher is trying to get ahead of the trend. He is offering to officiate weddings where the couple has weed involved, including smoking it themselves. He calls himself the “cannabis minister.”

Scher, who is ordained through the Universal Life Church, told Miami New Times that “People might be reluctant to have a Catholic priest officiate their wedding if there’s going to be pot smoking. But I’m very nonjudgmental. I take part in cannabis myself, and I would have no problem with people smoking right up at the altar as they’re saying, ‘I do.'”

Recreational marijuana is not yet legal in Florida (although medical marijuana is). But Scher said he is advertising now in anticipation that recreational weed will become legal in Florida soon. For $300, Scher will officiate a wedding in the Miami area, waiving the three-day waiting period that is required in Florida, according to New Times. He welcomes couples from any denomination (or from none at all) and hetero, gay, lesbian and transgender couples.

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