Your Vaping Experience Is Only As Good As Your Cartridge

Consumer needs continue to expand with the growing cannabis industry. They no longer just need a pack of matches and some rolling papers. With legalization and the emergence of more refined products, cannabis users have more (and better) choices than ever.

In addition to marijuana flower, CBD and other products derived from cannabis, there also are a wealth of companies that provide the hardware used in cannabis-related products. And in this area, consumer and dispensaries that sell marijuana products also have excellent choices.

Among the companies that offer hardware, Velxtech has already emerged as an industry leader. They provide a broad range of cartridge for vaping devices. The company thinks of itself as a “healthcare and safety-oriented company.”

What Is A Cartridge?

A cartridge refers to the device that transforms liquid into mist. On a vape, that means the component that heats the vape juice into a vapor that can be inhaled. It’s an important part of a vape. Advances in technology have given consumers better choices in the type of cartridge they choose.

Cartridges begin to heat as soon as when you turn on the battery in your vape. There are many different types of cartridges on the market, including inexpensive ones that many beginners use. A high-end cartridge, however, can provide a much richer experience for users and is worth considering if you want to maximize your vaping experience.

VELX Cartridges

Two of the biggest cartridges made by Velxtech are the Mimo Kit and Prism. Both offer the latest technology that leads to a better vaping experience.


Velxtech has a patent pending for the Prism. The cutting-edge battery device includes pre-heating (both for the tank and the coil) and a variable power output. Other features include a battery capacity of 500mAh and a power output of 8-12W.

The uniform heating around the outside of the cartridge tank – which reaches a temperature of 122 degrees – is designed to “fluidify liquid with poor fluidity during low temperature environments.”

It allows comes with six safety features:

• Child proof button
• Overheat protection
• Short Circuit protection
• Open circuit protection
• 10-second overtime protection
• Low-power protection

The Prism also comes with a large-capacity, high-rate battery. This leads to more stable performance by the cartridge and a consistent amount of vape smoke.

At this point, you are likely getting the idea of the amount of attention to detail and innovation that is going into today’s cartridges for vapes.

Mimo Kit

The Mimo Kit is advertised as the “ultimate portable concentrate vaporizer.” It’s hard to argue with that claim when you see the details on what it offers. Among these are:

• An innovative honeycomb ceramic coil
• Built-in dab tool
• Built-in silicon jar
• Magnetic connection

The ceramic coil features a specially designed three-layer heating structure that ensures a “high potency” vape. As with all VELX products, it also comes with high-level safety features.

Beyond the Expectation – Innovation and Customization

VELX takes an engineering and research approach to create marijuana hardware that refines the experience for users. And they understand that innovation is part of the deal in today’s cannabis market. Part of the company’s approach is to continue to research “materials, procedures, structures, electronics and safety” when it comes to developing their products.

VELX states that “novel techniques and equipment, compatible for use with the different extracts available, will be made to further enhance our products’ competitiveness.”

For dispensaries that decide to carry VELX products, the company offers the ability to handle a huge amount of private label orders and ensure excellent quality for their products.

That’s the key in the modern marijuana market. In a short time, legal marijuana consumers have developed high expectations for the products that marijuana companies can deliver. Companies such as VELX show that it’s possible to meet those expectations and was more than willing to go through rigorous testing of our products in order to measure output frequency, and to ensure compliance with all the regulations.

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