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DiamondTREE - West Side

DiamondTREE - West Side


1233 Northwest Galveston Avenue,


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DiamondTREE is a medical and recreational cannabis corporation specializing in cannabis retail. Established in 2010 by founder and president Sam Stapleton, the company has grown into a statewide dispensary chain with locations in Central and Western Oregon. DiamondTREE inventories hundreds of cannabis-infused products which can be ordered online or through their mobile app and are always available at store locations seven days a week.

DiamondTREE’s mission is to redefine the cannabis experience by providing unparalleled levels of atmosphere, customer service, education, and product selection.

“Our goal is to redefine what one may expect when they come into a cannabis retail establishment. Redefining their knowledge, their understanding, their acceptance of cannabis as a medical remedy and recreational preference, and most importantly to reverse the negative stigma that still surrounds this industry. Every expectation of what it means to be a cannabis user can be redefined with a single positive experience and we work hard every day to ensure that anyone and everyone who walks through the door receives that experience.”

Sam Stapleton-Founder/President

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