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SWC - Prescott

SWC - Prescott

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123 E Merritt Street,


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SWC PRESCOTT is a full service alternative health and wellness facility that provides medicinal cannabis and natural homeopathic remedies in a caring, safe and supportive environment. ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX

SWC PRESCOTT Commitment and Values:
It is the responsibility of each SWC PRESCOTT employee to embody the principals outlined in our Mission Statement.
As an institution, SWC PRESCOTT is committed to the idea that every human being deserves to be treated with respect, warmth, and compassion.

SWC PRESCOTT employees are expected to be:
Committed to excellence in every action and interaction.
Committed to the well-being of our patients, our neighbors, the city of PRESCOTT, and the State of Arizona.
Committed to the highest level of gentleness and consideration in all actions and interactions.

Who We Are
Salubrious Wellness Clinic, Inc. (SWC PRESCOTT) is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary and wellness center that offers holistic treatment and education in addition to medicinal cannabis to our valued customers. Its focus is to act as a source of medical marijuana for its members while offering holistic treatment as a secondary benefit. The center is managed by Dispensary Agents licensed by the State of Arizona. The services include the sale of medical marijuana and related products, with holistic treatment specialists and professionals, offered as an alternative to, or in addition to care with medical marijuana.

Our Approach
We exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results that satisfy our clients, increase their capabilities, and make their lives easier. SWC PRESCOTT understands that developing strong relationships is at the heart of any successful . We foster company growth through appreciating and connecting with our customers.

Our Core Values
We respect our customers. We treat our customers, co-workers and consultants with dignity, warmth, good will, and decency. We are committed to maintaining an objective and balanced perspective on all relationships.

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