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The 404 Dispensary

The 404 Dispensary


404 N Greenwood St.,


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Tired of the same ole same ole dispensary experience? We were so we created a whole new experience just for you. From our colors and our walls to our bud, we're rockin it.

Our grow operation, The Herbal Garden, is all organic and we use 100% LED lighting. What does that mean? It means super frosty nugs and delicious taste with a punch. We also deli style your selections. No pre-packaged nonsense here! What you see is what you get. We also ensure our lab testing results are accurate meaning no fluffed up THC percentages!

Come on in and experience the new wave of dispensaries!

New flower pricing structure! - Punk Rock Shelf Oz $140, Classic Rock Shelf Oz now $180 and Heavy Metal Shelf Oz now $240! All Oz prices are after tax! Pass the rest to get THE BEST! !!!!!!!!SPECIALS!!!!!! *$99 oz special = $120 OUT THE DOOR!!! Strains are always changing! *8 gm of Rockin Extracts sugar wax on sale for $168 OUT THE DOOR! *40% OFF ALL Open products! *40% OFF Karing Kind Cartridges * BOGO 50% OFF on ALL Dr. J's products!!! * 40% OFF Pat Pen Nectar 1gram jars!!

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