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We design and create heirloom-quality smoking accessories that are made to last a lifetime. It is our goal to add a little extra class and style to your everyday, just like we know you want from a quality lifestyle accessory brand. We stand behind everything we do, that’s why we extend to you a 100% money back guarantee. We are aiming to create a quality lifestyle brand within the cannabis community that will help reshape the negative stereotypes associated with cannabis users. We are not alone in this mission; there is already a considerable movement to legitimize those who use cannabis recreationally and therapeutically. We say, the more the merrier. We proudly launched the brand to near-universally positive reception at the BIG Show and High Times Cup in our hometown of Denver in April 2014. In fact, we design and manufacture almost all our products in Denver, with the exception of our collaborative products, such as the glass Slimline and Mini Hitter, all of which are still manufactured in the US. As we grow, we will continue to find clever, innovative, and elegant solutions to everyday smokers' needs, creating products that are both functional and beautiful. This is something that smokers and non smokers alike can appreciate.

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