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Roses came to life after a long journey, taken by avid ?herbs? advocate and well-known personality Charly Jordan. "As I traveled from country to country, seeing what different cultures and regions of the world chose to smoke and how they chose to smoke it, I was fascinated. I saw people smoking things I'd never seen smoked before, plants like lavender, banana leaves, and rose petals. They were so resourceful compared to where I grew up, where most of the options seemed to be bleached paper containing additives and chemicals. It made me grow an appreciation for the cultural differences and how that synergy might align to make us all more aware as a whole. Smoking can be cleaner, people have been doing it for centuries, and I truly believe there are health benefits and steps we can take to better the smoking experience. Roses is my best effort, and I put my heart put into creating a cleaner smoking alternative that I genuinely believe will help change the smoking industry to shift toward more natural standards."

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