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It’s Never Too Soon for HR Compliance
Growing your business and the need for HR expertise eventually collide. You can’t build a great business without a great team, and you can't build a great team without overcoming HR challenges.

I learned this in my early days owning a live music venue and artist management business. Every HR policy and decision — from hiring good employees and keeping them engaged, to figuring out when to let someone go — had an immediate impact on my business and my team. I started out with just a couple friends as employees but, once we got to fifteen employees, I spent more time managing people and situations than I did booking shows. That probably sounds familiar to you!
Fast forward to 2006 when an unlikely and incredible opportunity presented itself. That's when I, together with my brother, ended up creating an HR support and compliance company that services over 1800 healthcare and cannabis practices across the country. I am proud to say that the average CEDR member lifespan is 10+ years.

About six years ago, as I watched the cannabis industry start to gain purchase, I became curious and excited. Since the industry you work in is so new, I knew many of you would be learning as you went and that it would not be easy. I've been there.

Today, I am positive that CEDR’s customized employee handbook, HRIS software, HR training, and HR support can make a difference for you, your team, and your business. If you are just finding out about us, I hope you will take the time to learn more about CEDR HR Solutions and what it is that we do. Give us a call. Sign up for our webinars and newsletter. I'm sure you'll find that our HR support and compliance guidance could make a huge difference for you, too.

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