As the pioneering leader of regulated retail, Greenbits is the complete cannabis retail management platform. Founded in 2014, we empower 22,000 users in 1,200 retail locations across 13 states. As the market share leader, Greenbits rings $4 billion in sales annually, comprising one-third of all cannabis sales in adult-use states. With the largest and fastest-growing network of cannabis retailers, we serve the most locations, reach the most customers, process the most transactions, and ring the most sales in the industry, making Greenbits the best-selling and most trusted cannabis retail platform nationwide.

From source to sale, Greenbits takes care of the day-to-day grind and legal requirements. We give you a competitive advantage by enabling you to focus on the good stuff: Optimizing operations to save time, maximizing store performance to increase revenue, expanding into new areas to grow your business, and elevating the regulated retail experience for you, your employees, and your customers.

Overcome your challenges. Seize your opportunities. Be your best with Greenbits.

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