At Chalice Farms, we take great care to ensure that we are consistently providing high-quality cannabis that is safe for patients and recreational enthusiasts alike. For over a decade we have been continuously perfecting our grow methods, and have been able to deliver award winning cannabis in Oregon. At Chalice Farms, we have created a proprietary curing method that we call “The Chalice Cure.” It is a specialized curing method in which we are able to create a much sweeter/smoother cannabis flower. This method also brings out a higher level of essential oils. Though it does take a special environment and requires a lot more time than standard curing methods, at Chalice, we believe in only providing the highest quality products to those who seek it. At Chalice Farms, the safety of our cannabis is our top priority. No expense is spared in the creation of our laboratory grade grow facilities. The air flowing through the facilities’ environment is treated through a series of HEPA and charcoal filtration systems, and the facilities in their entirety are treated and sealed with special sealants that inhibit the growth of molds and mildews. We are proud to have instituted hospital standard cleanliness to keep our medicine safe and non-toxic. In order to ensure that Chalice Farms is able to deliver an extremely consistent product offering, we have perfected a Perpetual Harvest Method. This affords us the ability to offer everyone medicine that —-suits their needs when they need it, not just when it happens to be available.

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