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Hifi Farms

Hifi Farms

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Based in Oregon, Hifi Farms is a Clean Green Certified™ craft cannabis cultivation company. It was founded by four friends who combined their passions for music, sustainability and organics, and set about designing a conscious cultivation model that produces high quality, clean cannabis while lessening its impact on the environment.

Mastery is the foundation of our cannabis craft. Patience, respect, curiosity and more than 25 years of combined growing experience make us the best at what we do.

Hifi is short for High Fidelity, which means the most pure and authentic expression. That is how we define quality and what we challenge ourselves to create in cannabis.

As a Clean Green Certified™ company, we remove all impurities from our water, use organic soil and fertilizers, organic plant oils for pest and mold prevention, energy saving LED lighting, and 100% renewable energy via the “Blue Sky” program from Pacific Power.

We believe in community engagement through leadership and active participation in industry organizations and events. Together we can make this industry better.


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