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Trail Blazin' Productions is a licensed business venture, started by local Whatcom County professionals, looking to meet the demand for legal cannabis while maintaining a safe environment and following the letter of the law. We cultivate, process and package pesticide-free, award winning, sustainably LED grown, state legal cannabis. Our core values are safety, sustainability, employment and quality. We strive to be environmentally conscious while bringing you the finest products: Our Premium Flower is PESTICIDE FREE. This is a BIG deal!! No harmful chemicals, super clean environments, and no nasty pesticides. The extra care and attention it takes to grow pesticide free products exponentially increases our work load and cost, but for us and our consumers it is the only way. Click here for more information about the harmful effects of pesticides. We are a 100% LED. We have chosen LED lighting technology for our grow rooms. This VERY significantly increased our initial investment, but it substantially lowers our carbon footprint. Hey, we only have one planet right? By using LED's we having greatly lowed our electrical consumption typically associated with indoor grow operations, saving 760,000 kilowatts, which is enough to power 60 homes annually. We were recognized by Puget Sound Energy for this commitment. Indoor Grown. Growing indoors in sealed, environment-controlled rooms allows to us save 75% of the water used by typical growers and saturating our ground water with run-off. It also enables us to spread our production throughout the year so that our product is always fresh. We use American Made Nutrients. Who cares? By focusing our hard earned dollars inside the United States of America, we help keep good jobs in the USA. This is important for our national, as well as local, economy. Our Product is Hand Trimmed. Hand Trimmed Sure, we could machine-trim our product and save HUGE costs on labor, but that would not provide jobs in America!! We carefully hand trim each and every one of our buds to insure quality and to help create employment right here in Washington. Soil Grown. We grow our plants in individual pots using a high quality soil mix because Cannabis simply tastes best when it’s grown in soil. Period. Solar Power? We are currently researching solar power to supplement our power consumption. Rain Water Catchment? We are currently researching rain water catchment to supplement our water consumption.

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