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Raven Grass

Raven Grass

Edibles, Cultivators, Extractors


In Pacific Northwestern mythology, Raven is known as a creator, provider, trickster, and as a complex reflection of one's own self.

Raven can be a magician, story-teller, transformer, healer, an unstoppable creative force, source of ravenous debaucher, but always a cultural hero.

Who will Raven be to you?

Vera Terra means "true earth" and the VT seal is our way pf showing you, though we are prohibited from declaring our products as being "USDA Organic", that we are committed to bringing you the highest quality products, truly from the earth.

We believe in truth and transparency, and our growing process and products are here to heal, restore, rejuvenate, and enjoy- free from the worry of harmful toxins or chemicals bringing you down.

Our nutrients and pest deterrants have been approved in accordance with the National Organic Program's National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances.


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