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The 'X' is silent. A quick pronunciation guide: (Ver-Day-lu) Verdelux entered the recreational cannabis market with the intent of creating the world's finest edible delivery systems specifically in the areas of craftsmanship, potency, taste and consistency. We believe in the value of creating each serving of our product by the use of our small but skilled kitchen team, making everything in small batches by hand, because authenticity cannot be replicated through automation or a consulting firm. Our extracts come from cannabis not treated with pesticides or fungicides, because we are careful of producing items that could potentially harm our customers and interfere with the taste and sensation of our products. The farms we select from are carefully vetted to match our standards, as we decided from the beginning of our existence that if we were to create the best confections, they could only be infused with the best cannabis. Regardless if one enjoys their cannabis through our lozenges, solid chocolates or The Famous Meltaway, Verdelux is committed to providing the finest experience from the first bite to the optimal illumination finish.

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