Nativ creates experiences where wellness and joy come together. With a sharp focus on purity, design, and safety we provide the highest quality solvent-free, artisanal concentrates for the refined connoisseur. As cannabis patients, we have all battled the stigma imposed upon us by nearly a century of Cannabis prohibition. Before founding Nativ, we too were affected by these stigmas caused by society’s ill-informed notions surrounding cannabis use. We’d had enough. It was time to head to Venice, California, a place that represents a new era of progressive cannabis activism. In Venice, cannabis use is as much about health as it is about wellness. It’s about sparking creativity, nurturing a sense of community, enhancing the way the pacific breeze feels when it hits your skin, and enriching the most cherished parts of our lives. Venice is a place where self-expression is the driving force and the only way to dream is to dream big. With this newfound sense of identity Nativ was born. Nativ is our way of advocating a cannabis renaissance with a sharp focus on quality and safety—this resonates beautifully in every 100% solvent-free Nativ product. Our philosophy is informed by the sum of our surroundings and the ageless artisanal techniques passed down to our collective. We are passionate crusaders for political change and want to show the world all of the extraordinary benefits this plant has to offer. What you see in front of you is our way of sharing our vision with the world. We don’t claim that the Nativ lifestyle is for everyone, this is simply an open invitation to join us as we embark on this inspired journey. We are happy to be here.

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