The Herbal Chef is the epitome of the highest caliber of Cannabis Fine Dining Artistry. The Herbal Chef, or Christopher Sayegh is setting the bar for cannabis infused culinary experiences that reflect such beauty and art that you will find yourself losing your breath, reminiscent of gazing at your favorite art piece. With a foundation deeply rooted in the culinary arts, and an unparalleled passion for cannabis, the marriage of the two is extraordinarily unmatched in the industry. Creating only gourmet cuisine, The Herbal Chef will leave you with a new taste in your mouth (literally!) for the Cannabis Industry as a whole. As the saying goes, ‘The dish can never surpass its ingredients’, and The Herbal Chef truly embodies this fact with an obsession for quality ingredients and creativity. With a strong work ethic that is deeply reflected in his unique creations, his hard work will be well-translated in every last bite, leaving you only wanting more. From catering cannabis weddings to a spectrum of specialty products you can order off of his website, to creating and servicing the highest of industry events, and more (occasionally including hunting for his own meat, catching his own fish, and produce from his own garden!), The Herbal Chef does it all, with a finesse and beauty you won’t quite find anywhere else. Included in the list of talents of the Herbal Chef are the following list of services: 1) The Private Cannabis Infused Fine Dining Events in clients homes and private parties 2) CBD/THC Infused Frozen Meals specific to ailments (Chemo, Geriatrics, Diabetics, Seizures) 3) Gourmet Edibles on my website 4) Catering Industry Events The Hebal Chef has been profiled in the following publications: Mg Daily Magazine, ELLE, High Times, Merry Jane, Culture Magazine, Mary Mag, Variety, Nevada Elevated, Merry Jane, and many more!

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