Hollow offers a line of updated smoking pipes with a modern, upscale aesthetic. Our designs are inspired by Scandinavian furnishings, and Japanese wabi-sabi ceramics: clean lines paired with natural curves, smooth textures, and ergonomic shapes. Functional art objects. The idea for Hollow was hatched while sitting in the backyard on a warm fall evening, after a meal sourced at the local farmer’s market, thoughtfully paired with artisan wine. The final touch on the evening was passed around in rolling paper. I had recently decided to revisit just such a finish, which I had moved away from after my college days in Boulder, Colorado. Back then it was a fun part of parties and climbing trips. The herb would be packed into a resin crusted glass pipe plucked from a pile of pizza boxes and beer cans on a cluttered coffee table in a room adorned with tie-dyed tapestries and Phish posters. My lifestyle had changed quite a bit since then. I’d moved from taking art classes and going to keg parties, to running a successful jewelry business and throwing dinner parties. Inside, I survey my surroundings. The space is clean and organized. The dishes are hand-thrown by an artist friend, the dining table is made of reclaimed barn wood, and the sofa is piled with pillows purchased on a trip to Morocco. The pipes I was able to find online reflected college days rather than my current aesthetic. I imagined a clean, white, ceramic form: something inspired by Scandinavian furnishings and Japanese wabi-sabi pottery. Intentional. Handmade. A functional art object. The next day I bought some porcelain and sculpting tools, and set about bringing the vision to life… from there, Hollow grew.

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