Developed by veterinarian Stephen Katz, Therabis is the all-natural solution for your dog’s ailments that’s formulated with cannabinoids—a naturally occurring constituent of hemp. Available in easy-to-administer sachets for scratching and skin issues, anxiety, and joint mobility, Therabis is formulated to support total-body wellness thanks to a premium, proprietary, cannabinoid formula. So you can look forward to their calm demeanor being restored, their mobility being retained, and their skin being soothed. At Therabis, we understand how important your pet’s health is, and we work tirelessly to maintain it. There is no love quite as powerful as the love you share with your pet. And we want to help foster that love for years to come. Which is why we’ve created Therabis. Backed by 25 years of veterinary experience and powered by hemp-derived cannabinoids, our products are designed to address the specific conditions that challenge your pet. Our founder, veterinary expert Dr. Stephen M. Katz, has spent an entire decade researching, developing and perfecting our all-natural formulations to provide your pet with reliable relief. Because when your furry family member feels better, so do you. "The mission of Therabis, which is from my heart to my clinical expertise, is to foster the unconditional love between pets and their families. This is grounded in the belief that strengthening that bond enhances the human condition." - Dr. Stephen M. Katz, Founder and President

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