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Mary Jane’s Medicinals was founded by Dahlia Mertens in 2010. After being introduced to a cannabis infused massage oil in the beautiful mountains of Northern California, she was inspired to return to her home state of Colorado and start a line of cannabis infused topical body products. The Medical Marijuana movement in Colorado was just starting to gain momentum so it was a good time to start an MMJ business- some people refer to that time as the gold rush for cannabis in Colorado. It was a bit like the wild west, until the state regulations were brought into effect. Dahlia has a background as a massage therapist, and started using the oil on some of her clients. She was amazed at the feedback she was hearing, and blown away by the large variety of ailments her products were helping to relieve and even heal. When people think about cannabis as a healing herb they seldom think about the topical application- they typically think about smoking it or eating it. So, on her sales calls to MMJ centers in the early days she had to really educate the people around her that the topical application of cannabis was a very powerful and effective way of experiencing the healing properties of this amazing plant. Also, for people who do not wish to experience the psychoactive properties of ingesting cannabis, a topical alternative is ideal, because you still get the healing and pain relieving properties without feeling mentally altered. During Dahlias’ visit to Northern California in 2009 she had the opportunity of walking through an outdoor garden of medical cannabis plants. It was dusk and the sky was filled with the warm colors of sunset. The “girls”, as cannabis plants are often affectionately referred to, were 12’ tall and even larger in diameter. Their branches were heavily laden with plump and glistening buds, covered in the healing resins of cannabis, reflecting all the magical colors of that sunset. The beauty of that moment was powerful, and she was filled with a reverence for these plants, that they truly were very special. As this thought popped into her head; a light breeze picked up and a five fingered fan leaf the size of her face gently caressed her cheek, sending chills through her body. It was as if the plant was confirming this thought. This thought has been confirmed every day since we began making these products at Mary Jane’s Medicinals, and we have found it so rewarding to give people a natural and effective way of treating and healing a very wide variety of ailments. In our opinion cannabis truly is a gift and quite possibly the most medicinal plant on our planet.

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