5 Things Every Beginner in Growing Marijuana Should Know

Every person who gets into growing marijuana looks back and wishes they knew things before they started. This includes the five tips below, which are focused on things to do before you even start the growing process.

For more details on growing marijuana, you can check out these guidelines for growing marijuana at home. But before you start, consider these five tips below that can help you succeed before you even start. Planning ahead might be the best tip of them all.

Know Your State’s Laws

This is not something you want to worry about after you’ve already got your plants growing.

Every state has a different set of regulations for how much marijuana people can grow at home (if they allow growing at home at all). The number of plants that you can grow may differ by quite a bit depending on where you live. In addition to state law, you’ll also want to check on any local laws that regulate growing marijuana. You also need to consider any regulations from the landlord if you are renting.

The main takeaway here is this: Know the marijuana laws governing your area thoroughly before growing a plant. Know what your landlord allows, as well.

Pick The Right Location For Growing Marijuana

You’ll want to explore your home and find the perfect place for growing your own cannabis. The main idea is to stay away from sunlight (more on that below). The closet is the classic place, as it’s close to complete darkness. A basement is another popular choice. One way to solve the issue is to simply buy a grow tent, which you can easily set up and take down with just one person. That may prove the best solution for those living in small apartments.

Grow Light and Exhaust Fan

Growing MarijuanaAs noted above, you want to grow your plants in a place hidden from light and free of moisture. “Cool, dark and dry” are three words to remember when trying to grow marijuana. You also will want a grow light and an exhaust fan to reduce heat.

You can find a wide variety of both. Make sure the fan is the right size for your grow area. Also, have a set up that allows you to properly position the light. For example, about three feet above the cannabis plant canopy if using a 1000-watt light or about two feet if using a 600-watt bulb. Just remember that putting a grow light too close will not cause the plants to grow faster.

Less Is More

Less is more when it comes to growing marijuana, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. This is especially true with watering and food. You don’t want to overwater your plants, which is a common mistake and can lead to issues with mold. Weed is easy to grow when compared to other kinds of plants. One of the key issues is to stay out of its way and let the marijuana plant do its thing. It’s easier to water or feed a plant more than it is to deal with one that has too much water and too many nutrients.


Cultivating any type of plant takes patience. As mentioned above, don’t try to rush the process with too much light or water. Seeking advice can also help in this area – it helps to have others who are going through the same process. Generally, it takes about three to five months from planting the seed to harvesting the marijuana flower. But it can take shorter or longer – everything depends on the details. But it’s best to have an attitude of patience before you even start.

These tips can make growing marijuana both more enjoyable and successful. For beginners, the fun is to try. These tips can help you get off to a good start.

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