What Are The Different Ways To Use Marijuana?

For the cannabis curious who want to use marijuana for the first time, there are many methods to consider. The most popular is smoking, but you can also vape, eat or drink it. Then, there’s the option of tinctures and oil extracts.

That’s one of the many good things about marijuana. You can find a way to try it that works best for you.

Choose How To Use Marijuana

Doing that is sometimes difficult. Most information online is written for those who already understand the basics of marijuana. With the growing number of people trying cannabis for the first time for either recreational or medical use, this seemed a good time to review the basics.

The following gives you a good place to start when considering which method to use when trying marijuana for the first time.


The classic approach. If you have no issues with the smoke that comes from burning cannabis, then this can be a good way to go. It’s certainly how millions before you first tried marijuana.

You can smoke marijuana in the following ways.

Joint. Get rolling papers, look at our guide on how to roll a joint, and off you go. Some companies also offer pre-rolled joints.

Pipe. Dispensaries and online stores will offer a variety of pipes to use with marijuana, from small one-hitters to large water pipes.

Hookah. Go very old school with a hookah pipe, which allows many people to smoke at the same time.


Seeing someone vaping from a distance may look like they are smoking, but it’s a completely different method and experience. Vaping involves heating marijuana to a temperature just below combustion,  but one at which it will vaporize. The resulting vapor is inhaled. Advocates say vaporization is the right choice for health-conscious marijuana users who want to avoid the smoke caused by the traditional combustion method.


This is a fast-growing area of the marijuana business. Where once the cliché was to bake a pan of pot brownies, marijuana edibles have expanded into all kinds of foods. This is perhaps the most discreet and easiest way to use marijuana, and there’s no pesky smoke involved.

However, it’s important to know that edibles take longer to impact the system and will often last much longer. A common mistake with edibles is that people take too much before they feel the effects. Be smart and it can be a great experience.

Infused Drinks

These go hand-in-hand with edibles. Infused drinks include teas, coffees, and even water. These drinks are most often used as a delivery method for CBD, the chemical in marijuana that does not cause the high feeling but offers medical benefits.

Tinctures and Oils

Tinctures are a liquid marijuana extract that most users place under the tongue, where it is absorbed into the system. Much like edibles, the effects of tinctures might take some time to feel, so dosage control is important. Oils also can be ingested or placed into easily swallowed pills – again, this is typically used for CBD delivery.

These are some of the most popular approaches to using marijuana. The idea of rolling a joint and burning it down to the end – and burning your fingers along the way – is no longer the only way to go (although you still can, of course).

As the marijuana industry matures, the methods of using cannabis grow. Don’t be intimidated. Just do some research and find the method that is right for you.

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