Documentary “Lady Buds” Gets Two Spinoffs

Set in California, the cannabis documentary “Lady Buds” focuses on six women as they use their business and agricultural skills to “come out of the shadows” and launch a legal marijuana business after state voters make recreational cannabis legal.

Directed by Chris J. Russo, the documentary enjoys a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on eight reviews. Critics praised the film for taking a clear, no-nonsense look at the Golden State’s cannabis industry, with a focus on northern California.

Now, the documentary’s success has led to two spinoff projects. One is a scripted comedy feature. The other is a non-scripted reality series.

The Documentary Starts Streaming in March

Released in theaters in 2021, “Lady Buds” is available for streaming on Starz starting March 1. It follows a group of diverse women, including LatinX, African American, LGBTQ and seniors. The movie focuses on the year before and after cannabis became legal for recreational use in California in 2016.

Characters include a 71-year-old retired Catholic school principal, a second-generation cannabis farmer and The Bud Sisters, a pair of women who met 40 years ago in college and now sell a hemp-based pain relief salve.

For the scripted comedy feature, Russo will produce along with Alissa Norby and Pippa Lambert. The idea has been described as “in the vein of ‘Bridesmaids’ with a diverse cast,” according to Deadline.

Lambert, a former WME and Endeavor Content producer, told Deadline, “Women may not be the face of cannabis, but they’ve always been the backbone of the culture.” She added, “These growers are as dynamic as they are diverse, and they’re truly inspiring. I’m thrilled to be bringing their story, a true and still unfolding David and Goliath tale for our times, to life on the big screen.”

The mention of David and Goliath refers to the central conflict of the documentary which revolves around smaller cannabis farmers forced to compete with larger corporations.

Unscripted Show Focuses on Seniors and Cannabis

The unscripted show will follow Sue Taylor, the 71-year-old from the documentary who opens a dispensary that serves seniors. Taylor, also known as Mama Sue, focuses her business on giving seniors access to cannabis and information about its benefits through her wellness groups. Seniors, who use cannabis for pain management, better sleep and other health-related issues, are increasingly becoming buyers of medical marijuana.

“I couldn’t be happier to know that my film Lady Buds is inspiring adaptations that will allow me to continue to support and tell the stories of these courageous, pioneering women,” Russo said, according to Deadline.

Marijuana-centered television shows and movies have become bigger as the legalization movement has grown. Mike Tyson has pitched a TV show about his cannabis farm. The 420 TV site focuses on all marijuana-related content. The “Marijuana Show”  is like “Shark Tank” for the cannabis industry. And “Cooked With Cannabis” on Netflix focuses on tasty ways to work marijuana into cooking meals.

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