A project by two brothers fascinated by the balance between form and function, Printabowl reimagines elevation instrument design and production, creating practical pieces of fine art that challenge the limitations previously imposed by conventional production techniques. Inspired by the possibilities opened by 3D printing technology, Printabowl’s design team uses this newly accessible technology to manifest visually evolved elevation instruments, allowing these designs to exist for the first time. Embracing experimental design, Printabowl advances the formal and textural boundaries that previously limited elevation instruments, allowing many collectors interaction with useful objects created using 3D printing for the first time. Printabowl’s debut Cumulo Collection features three distinct ceramic designs produced in closed editions. Each elevation instrument undergoes thorough inspection to ensure standard-exceeding quality and durability as pieces of fine art, physical manifestations of 3D printing’s earliest impact on smoking culture. ABOUT PRINTABOWL CO-DIRECTORS, AL & SAUL JACOBS: Separated by two years, Al and Saul Jacobs thought of Printabowl amid pursuing art degress (in creative writing and interdisciplinary visual arts, respectively) at the University of Washington in Seattle. Inspired by a science-centered course on creativity and innovation, Al & Saul started Printabowl to nourish their shared appreciation of design in lieu of Washington state’s recreational cannabis legalization. Both brothers are musicians who frequently collaborate. “I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.” – Saul Bass

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