Ceramic Heating Chamber with Tungsten Elements - ArioVape's heating chamber hosts a perfect marriage of convection and conduction meaning all sides of the chamber are heating while you draw air in to circulate that heat. Consider it an ideal method for true even baking. Ario’s entire cylindrical ceramic chamber is lined with tungsten heating elements guaranteeing an even baking experience every time. We recommend you pack your finely ground flower snug but not too tight, allowing enough space for airflow. In 30 seconds or less, Ario Vape is ready for use. Temperature Settings - allow you to customize your experience every time. Knowing that terpenes are released at varying temperatures gives you the control; so choose which temperature works for your desired affect with temperature ranging from 300-435 °F. Unique Water Bubbler attachment can cool your already smooth pure vapor down even more. Power Button - Push 5 times in rapid succession to turn ON/OFF. OLED screen - communicates your temperature, when Ario is ready to go and your battery life. Battery - Long lasting, rechargeable 2200mAh Li-Polymer; and takes about three hours to fully charge. Charge before you leave or on the go with the compact portable USB to Mini USB charging cord. Protective Screen - provides a barrier between your mouth and the heating chamber. Your quality flower will stay exactly where you want it with each draw. It’s easy to clean so remember to do so regularly. Ario Vape Mouthpiece - sits far enough removed from the heating element keeping your lips cool on every draw. It fits on the device one way so turn it around if the first try doesn't work. Memory - Ario Vape remembers the last temperature you used. Conveniently taking out the guess work.

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