10 Fun Facts About Marijuana (And Some Crazy Stuff, Too)

Through the years, cannabis has supplied plenty of fun and sometimes crazy stories. The following gives you 10 fun facts about marijuana. It’s the kind of information you want to put in your back pocket and pull out whenever the conversation you’re in needs some spicing up.

In addition to these 10 fun facts about marijuana, you can also learn how to separate fact from fiction surrounding the many marijuana myths.

More Than 250 Million People Use Cannabis Worldwide

Statista, the site that tracks statistics for just about everything, reports that the number of people who use cannabis worldwide reached 250 million in 2018. That begs the question, what part of the world uses cannabis the most? Statista conveniently broke it down by region.

  • Asia: 93.95 million
  • Americas: 61.29
  • Africa: 60.6 million
  • Europe: 31.3 million
  • Oceania: 2.88 million

Bob Marley Was Buried With Cannabis

Is this legend or fact? According to Guardian columnist Richard Williams, who was there for the funeral, it’s absolutely true. He wrote about that day: “Alongside Marley’s embalmed corpse, the casket contained his red Gibson Les Paul guitar, a Bible opened at Psalm 23, and a stalk of ganja placed there by his widow, Rita, at the end of the funeral ceremony earlier in the day.” Additional fun fact: Rita later had Marley’s body exhumed and reburied in Ethiopia, where Rastafarianism – which Marley followed – originated.

420 Is Based On a True Story

Even many cannabis aficionados don’t know the history of 420, or whether it’s even based on fact. As it turns out, it very much is. Also, it involves code words, the Grateful Dead, High Times magazine, a Coast Guard member and some California high school students. To get the full story, you can read the whole history of 420.

Cannabis Use Makes You Skinnier

Yes, we all know about the munchies. However, a study in the  journal Obesity Biology and Integrated Physiology found that marijuana users had a lower body mass index than those who did not use cannabis. What’s more, they found that cannabis users had lower blood glucose levels than non-users.

Martha Stewarts Loves Cannabis

This only seems crazy if you’re old enough to remember Stewart’s rise to fame as the mother of all New England preppies. For those of us who do remember, it never gets old to think about how Stewart has evolved into becoming not only an advocate for marijuana but also now has her own line of CBD products.

Hemp Is Sustainable

Cannabis is a plant that just keeps giving in many wonderful, different ways. For example, those who advocate for green initiatives also advocate for hemp. That’s because industries can use the plant, which is non-psychoactive, to produce paper products, material for clothing, biodiesel and concrete, among other products. And using hemp can reduce the need for timber and fossil fuels, making it a solid choice in sustainability efforts.

The Outlawz Smoked Tupac’s Ashes

Yep, that happened, if Tupac’s group is to be believed. They said they followed the advice given in Tupac’s song “Black Jesus” and mixed his ashes with marijuana, smoking it in a joint. This happened after a memorial ceremony where they also threw things Tupac liked into the ocean, including orange soda, chicken wings and, yes, some weed.

People Who Use Cannabis Are Smart

Many still buy into the cliched image of a cannabis user too stoned to speak, watching TV all day. But, as with many marijuana myths, this one is off-base. A study from Carleton University found that moderate cannabis consumers (five joints or less a week) had higher IQs than non-smokers. Emphasis on the moderate.

Eating Raw Weed Doesn’t Get You High

You’d think by now people would know that cannabis must be heated to release the psychoactive chemical components, but not everyone has received the message. So, here’s a fun fact: if you simply eat raw weed, you will get nothing but a mouthful of plants and absolutely no high feeling.

Cannabis Users Have Better Sex

As “fun facts’ go, this one ranks among the most fun. Study after study has shown that couples who use cannabis have a better sex life. It’s especially true for women. One study found that 68% of women who use cannabis find sex more pleasurable, with 62% saying they experienced increased pleasure from orgasm.

So, there you have it: 10 fun facts about marijuana you can use to stun your friends and family with your in-depth knowledge on this fascinating topic. And for a bonus 11th fun fact, you might tell them about how cannabis is one of the few things Boomers and Millennials can agree on.

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